Travel and Tourism courses in Pakistan

COTHM::: The Leading Hotel School in Pakistan

PAKISTAN Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management offers training in 17 different fields including 12 in hotel management and 5 in tourism. Syllabus for these courses comprises one week to one year. Courses for hotel management are as follows:
Elementary Hotel Management:
his is a one year comprehensive diploma course in which every aspect of hotel management is taught and trained. Students are given opportunities to visit famous hotels to gain practical experience and exposure. Entry level for this course is intermediate or A-level.
House Keeping Supervisory Course:
his diploma course is of one year duration and the entry level is intermediate or A-level. Students are get familiarized with the basic principles and procedure of house-keeping in hotels, rest houses, hospitals and hostels. Practical training is provided in the house keeping departments of different hotels of Pakistan. The course syllabus includes fundamental administrative theory, personal and environmental hygiene, relation with guests, precautionary measures etc.
Basic House keeping course:
his is a six month practical course. Practical training includes taking care of hygiene of rooms, beds, toilets, and other related areas, preparation and folding of beds. Candidates are given opportunities to get training in the big hotels of the country.
Food and Beverage Operation course:

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2011-09-07 07:20:27 by PoliticsDecoded

Republicans can't stand the fact that Obama

Republicans can't stand the fact that Obama is the American Dream, so they try to de-legitimize him any way they can. They want to make their base that he is not like them - he's the "other"; so they say he was not born in America. After all, nobody they contact remembers him; and they can't find any paper work or figure out which country issued his 1980's Pakistan travel visa, etc.
Here's...rth certificate, and Snopes says it is not a forgery.
Hospital listed on his "long form" does not deny he was born there.
The Hawaii governor did not say he couldn't find anything that said Obama was born in Hawaii.
FactCheck says they have seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate
He did release a copy
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Pakistan Culture and Tourism
Churches & Chapels - Murree, Pakistan (once British India)

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